3 Principles That Guide Successful Teaching Agencies

Employment agencies are the bridge between thriving organisations and untapped talent. Though a job seeker may join a wide variety of agencies, there is one that stands out in their mind and in a recruiters memory. A Teaching agency has to put in twice the effort that other employment agencies use. This is because their success or failure impacts many more lives.

Here are the three principles that all great agencies share.

They get to know the teacher

It is important for an agency to talk to a teacher physically and get as much information from them as possible. Teachers have preferences that they feel comfortable expressing face to face. An example is a teacher who has two specials, but she is better off teaching one. The agencies that take personal preferences into consideration have the highest approval rates.

Honesty and timely communication also play their part. Telling a teacher why she missed a job after an interview or explaining why her profile is unsuitable will make a great difference. Some agencies trick teachers into taking a position that is lower than their qualifications. The result is an over qualified, but an underpaid disgruntled teacher.

They match the client and the teacher as closely as they can

No teacher can meet the requirements of a school 100%, but the agency can try to come close. A good agency will choose the candidate whose profile comes as close as possible. Some agencies fail this test because they are eager to close a deal quickly. The wrong fit damages the agency's reputation when a successful candidate turns down a job offer.

Efficient and diligent staff can make the difference in such a situation. Some teachers lost a job opportunity because the contact person at the agency gave them the wrong time to attend an interview. All the candidates arrived 3 hours late and no interview was conducted.

Allocate jobs fairly and transparently

Some agencies are notorious for peddling jobs to the highest bidder. When teachers and schools realise that jobs are always given to the same chosen few, they lose their credibility. Institutions also stop using them when they try to force unsuitable candidates on them.

A Teaching agency that practices the guidelines above has a high success rate and many repeat clients. The schools and teachers who use it are satisfied and they have no regrets.